This Mumma is a survivor. That word means so much more than just the descriptive of getting through alive when it is spoken about her. This strong but soft Mumma faced Cancer over two years ago with a bravery and courage that inspired all around her.  Her strength was met and matched by that of her Husbands. Together, they could face whatever lay ahead, even though they didn’t know what lay ahead.To be honest none of us know. I am so grateful I get to write this now…having watched the journey unfold, seeing all the victory, all the beauty, all the determination,  all the love, strength and power that has been the result of times that we would never chose to go through.

It is hard for me to write this blog, I want to honour these two for being such ridiculously amazing people and for making all who know them better people…and I just don’t know if any words could really be enough. I love these four gorgeous humans so much and am grateful for every opportunity to photograph their family in their home being “them”.


The real moments…the wrestles…the famous mum holds the leg to prevent child landing on their head off the bed…the beloved Rabbity…drawing…breakfast preparations…I’m not getting in the photo but I will take a photo on my Fisher Price Camera…flying onto the bed…and the quieter moments of just being.


It’s not about the “perfect” it about the real. Real trumps perfect every time. This is what we remember.


Thanks for letting me in on your Sunday xx

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