An afternoon playing at the beach || Family Photos

A family is standing on a large rock on the beach.

A well planned out family photo shoot for an afternoon on the beach will only get you so far…and what comes after... that is what I wait for. 

Kathyrn and I had chatted on the phone and Kathyrn had a clear photo in mind that she was hoping for. A photo of their family looking at the camera. She was even so thoughtful to send me a similar photo that she had seen. 
When I saw the photo, I called her. I explained that she has 4 incredible children, this family had one, and that whilst I will do my best to get the shot, my sessions are relaxed, and I really want everyone to be having fun. Kathryn was beautiful and she totally understood. We went ahead with the planning.

The family of six arrived looking gorgeous, the baby of the family wearing a cute outfit, which half of it would end up off…and at the end of the session thankfully those underpants the youngest of the family no longer thought were worth wearing would be re purposed as a bandage for another child.

We got the photo that Kathryn wanted…and then they played. These beautiful independent confident children scattered themselves across the beach and had me running up and down to capture their fabulous action! 

Beautiful family photos of them all playing at the beach

The boys wrestled with Dad and the youngest (are you getting the picture here of what a great little character his is) found a wonderful palm fron at least twice the size of him that she thought was a great way of join in the match with his Dad and brothers. 

Kathryn gracefully danced and picked up her gorgeous daughter, with her hair like many springs on the windy beach. 

Each child was themselves…can you see how the magic happened. 

We left as it grew dark and off they went slightly wet and sandy for Sushi. Everyone was fully dressed. 

When Kathryn arrived weeks later at my office to view her family photos, she was surprised how much she loved all the photos (having in her head that it was the initial requested photo that she most wanted), the random, the crazy, the fun, the gentleness, the inquisitiveness, the playfulness...the imperfect perfect that shows a story of their glorious family each as themselves.

a family is walking along a track to the beach
The mum reaches out to her daughter to help her down from a large rock on the track to the beach
Four children play at the beach. One brother holds another legs in the air as he handstands.
A family playing at the beach. The big brothers are chasing their younger brother.
Mum catches the youngest child and his him.
Brothers inquisitively examine a shell with a crab.
A little girl expires what is in the shell that she has found at the beach
Mum dances on the beach with her daughter
Mum lifts her daughter into the air.
Dad is playing with his sons on the beach.
The family is playing and wrestling at the beach. Dad is with his sons.
Dad has a son on his back and chases another son as they play
Dad wrestles with his sons. the youngest is joining in with a palm fron
Dad and his son are playing together on the beach. They has been playing chase and the son has been caught by the father.
A brother and sister explore the rocks on the beach together.
Big brother plays with his little brother in the sand at the beach.
The daughter leans over and kisses her father's cheek
A little girl in climbing rocks on the beach in the foreground while Mum and a son are running behind rocks in the background. Another son sits playing on the sand.
Photo of a little boy with sand in his hair from having fun and playing at the beach. He has a big smile.
a black and white photo of Mum with her arms wrapped around her daughter. They are both smiling.
a relaxed portrait photo of a family of Mum and Dad and their four children at the beach
a family is sitting on a rock at the beach looking at each other laughing.
Mum and Dad are sitting relaxed on the beach smiling. Mum has her chin resting on her hand.
Late in the afternoon the family are ready to walk back up the track from the beach. Mum is carrying the youngest child and Dad has one of the sons on his shoulders who hurt his foot.
A black and white image of a little boy kissing his mother
A Dad carries his child with a sore foot on his shoulders along a dirt path by the beach. The sky is getting dark as the sun sets.

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