TO MENU

        I’m quite fond of sporadically dancing and singing lyrical modifications of songs I do not know the words to. Picture the Bennie and the Jet’s scene from 27 Dresses and you might come close to my enthusiasm on a bad day; a scary indication of a good day. Notoriously found enjoying wine with a side of Red Rock Delhi Salt and Vinegar chips, I use this time to thank God for a life well lived.

        I have loved photography since high school.
        My passion has always been to capture  The Moment.

        I want to capture your kids lying in the grass they grew up in, in the clothes that they always wear, with sand between their toes and knots in their hair. I look for what’s real; to show you as yourself. I’d like to think that my photos show personality and lack piano posture. Less bland, more spice.

        We take photos so we can look back and remember so much of what happened. We see growth, change and beauty.

        Whether it’s a portrait to mark a milestone or a lifestyle session to create a memory in a stage of your family’s life, KZ Photography exists to capture The Moment.

        To put it simply, I genuinely adore people and just as genuinely adore taking photos for them. These things set my soul on fire.

        I hope to be a part of making lasting memories for you too.

        Katie x


        Townsville Family & Couples Photographer

        E-mail: katie@kzphotography.com.au | Phone: 0458120498