The great thing about blogging almost 6 months after a session (bringing in the positive here to compensate for my slackness in blogging) is you can see how much a little one has grown and changed. He has turned one, he has had a hair cut and he has started taking his first steps. His sleeping bags are no longer required and nor is the endless rocking and soothing from his amazing Mumma to get him to settle. New stages, new joys, more sleep…hopefully.  For me capturing all the in between moments matter, they pass too quickly. I have not met a Mum who has been so intentional at documenting every stage of her baby boy’s life as she has. (I feel like I do well when I can match all my children to their correct birthdays first time asked!)  But there is more than Jasper’s journey to document. It is a big journey for his Mumma too and one that she is doing so amazing at! I want his Mumma to remember how she would softly sing as she held him close whilst she settled him… that she would kiss his those little toes that had not yet stood… how he would pull down books while she would build him block towers and then she would put back the books while he pull down the blocks. I want his Mumma to see herself the way I see her with him. A great big massive heart full of love and selfless patience.  x

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  1. Beautifully written and beautiful photos…I love how you’ve encapsulated the beginnings of this life journey of two precious, wonderful people!


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