Two young boys in their backyard, one is on a ladder picking berries, the other is walking with a basket

a photo found from long ago

my boys

makes my heart ache...

It seems photographing families this way has always been my heart.
Late last year I had to go through my archives of photos. It is incredible going back through old photos and seeing them in a different way now. Photos that I had taken long before I had studied photography, and years before I even considered I could ever use my love of photography  as a business.

This photo in particular stopped me. It is my boys who are now almost 20 and two...before their was three...
My sons in their Aussie backyard as they were most afternoons. Collecting whatever was growing, as though it was a fine harvest. 
This photo taken (and with very soft focus at that!) on my point and shoot that served me every so well. This glorious stopped me. 

I started reflecting ...what matters to me now has always mattered. The photo...the moment...documented truely as them, doing what they do. In fact this photo means more to me know then it did back then. Because the moment is long gone. Not only have the boys grown into men, the yard changed, after  their favourite acerola berry tree survived a fierce battering form Cyclone Yasi, it was eventually removed for our house extension. Beehives now live where the chook pen once was, and a grand hedge separates the vegetable garden from our home. It is now a different moment in our life...and this moment too is worth documenting as I will look back to see more change once again. 

So...why write this post. Well two reasons actually. I realised that this blog isn't just for me to show photos of all the wonderful families and couples that choose me to photograph them. It is also a space I can share my family and maybe you will get a little more insight into my why. As well as how truely passionate I am about photographing our lives.

I am currently waiting on this photo to arrive as a fine art print. Overkill for a photo of this quality...some may think on the other hand feel it is every bit worthy of being fine art. I can't wait to see it on my wall. 

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