Photographing Newborn Baby Verity at Home with her Family


I knew the way my friend spoke…they weren’t done…another baby would be entirely wonderful. So the phone call came as no surprise and all the delight when she told me they were having another baby.

Without giving it another thought I told her “If you want me there to document your birth, I will be there”. I don’t do or say that lightly.  Because births are not something I offer. But this friend of mine is so etched into my heart.  I wanted to give her a gift that I knew she would not understand the value of until she saw herself in all her beauty and strength during birth.

Rach is fun and she is love. She naturally has a beautiful wisdom and way with children and teenagers. I have benefited from this in how she has loved and cared for my own children.

Giving of herself comes naturally and is received gratefully by all her are blessed to know her.


I see this tiny squishy yum  newborn girl bringing so much joy to their family that it exceeds joy alone and joins itself with deep gratefulness.

I hear it in her glorious mother as she speaks about her with a longing to savour each moment no matter how tiresome or hectic. I see it in her sisters as they hold her as close and as often as they can. I saw it in her Father as he literally fell in love with her the moment she was born…I will never forget witnessing his love explode when he met his newborn daughter.

I notice all this and it resonates deeply with me…reminding me of how this was us… with our girl Frankie.


Nothing could seem more perfect for these parents than having three glorious girls.



Newborn baby girl is being held by her Mother. With her beautiful squishy cheeks. New born baby pink baby feet hang down as her Mother holds her. Mum, Dad and Sisters look at their new born baby sister lovingly. Mum is holding the newborn baby girl and is smiling whilst resting her head on her daughter who is also smiling. Baby is asleep in her Mothers arms.Two week old newborn in lying in her Mothers lap.All the family snuggle on their couch at home looking at their newborn baby Verity. The little sister is snuggled into her Daddy while he holds the newborn baby. They are both smiling at her lovingly.Big sister snuggles her fluffy grey and white cat. Big sister Elodie is lying on her bed with her new baby sister Verity in their home. She is gently holding Verity's little hand.Dad is holding his newborn baby girl who is crying. He is kissing her head and comforting her. Dad is holding their newborn baby girl who is so squishy. Mum (Rachel) has her arm around Dad (Brendan) who is holding newborn baby Verity at home in their bedroom by the window. They are both looking at her smiling. Rachel is sitting on her bed holding Verity. Verity is sucking on her fist.The middle sisters lying at the ned of her parents bed near her mum's legs. She is laughing anticipating her big sister tickling her. All the family are lying on the bed. Mum is holding the baby. Dad is attending to the dog which is hidden behind the eldest daughter. The two big sisters are lying on the end of the bed facing each other in disccussion. Rosie the Groodle lies on the bed. Mum is in the background holding the baby and Dad is rubbing Rosie's ear.


The most beautiful and humbling words from my friend, Rachel…

“Here is the work of my dear friend Katie. She radiates love and bursts with joy and enthusiasm for life and anyone within reach. I am so grateful that she was there with us when Verity was born. She encouraged us, championed us, prayed for us and even sang to us as our sweet Verity came into the world.
I was NEVER going to have birth photos but if I was going to let anyone witness that it was going to be Katie… because I knew she would see all of my ugly and love me anyway. I’m so glad Katie took those photos. She was able to show me the beauty in those very painful hours, the support of a loving husband who was there with me in every moment, the perseverance, the hoping and trusting, the sheer relief and joy of meeting our little girl. The look of falling in love at first sight with Verity. What a precious gift Katie gave us.
Katie has a knack for finding beauty in everything and I was in awe when I saw these photos that she took of us all when Verity was just 2 weeks old… in the midst of no sleep, adjusting to being a family of five, a messy house, grumpy girls and a needy cat. She is a bit of a miracle-worker.
We love you Katie. Thank you for being our friend and for being so very talented.”

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