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        Photographing newborns is beautiful. They are fresh and new (obviously). There is a innocence so captivating that leads us to be being content to just stare at them (even when they are not our own) without even talking to the other adults that are around.

        This session was different…Archer was four months old. I can remember with each of my babies I consistently thought whatever age they were was the best. As they grew my mind would change again thinking that their new age/stage was the best age. This is how I felt when I walked in and saw Archer smiling in his cot playing with his toes. It must have been something that really delighted me about my own babies when they found their toes. I could not stop smiling at this most delicious baby boy. I find myself smiling even as I type this, he delighted me so much.

        Both his parents are dancers which captivates me as much as Archers smiles and toe touching. I have so much admiration for anyone who can “actually” dance. I explained that I dance with great enthusiasm and my husband describes it similar to Kath and Kim style. Matt ever so politely responded “Well that’s still good”.To which I laughed and thought he may be the kindest man ever to give such a compliment.

        Jenn is gentle and gracious. She exudes beauty effortlessly. In the few months since they have moved to Townsville she has made a gorgeous space for her family to have as their sanctuary. May I add she has the cutest laughing nose scrunch that I wondered if that was one of the determining factors that Matt knew she was the one!

        Micky (the long haired Jack Russell)  is clearly another well loved child and benefits from much love, attention, snuggles and rocking. He gentleness and affection for Archer was remarkable.

        Archer is one of the sweetest babies I have met. I am not biased…I am unrelated…so I think my opinion has great weight..

        Matt and Jenn…thank you for being so willing to open your home and give up your Saturday. I loved being with all.

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