Maternity Family Photos

Maternity photo sessions can be such a combination of things…the last family photos of you as this current number…an opportunity to capture your children loving that baby who is hidden  in a bump…one they are yet to meet and truly know but love already…a moment for you and your love to celebrate the new life that is soon to arrive… a moment for you  to breath in and out and marvel at all your body has done…

And in addition to all the above a time set aside to capture you all as you are at this point in your life. No more reason needed.

When I posted a little reel on my Instagram from this family’s sessions the little ones response was that they wanted more photos at the beach with me. Well that is pretty much everything I could possibly want to hear…the only thing that may top that, is if Dad was the one saying it…but I am sure he is quietly…because that is who he is. A beautiful quiet source of steady and love for his girls.


The Mumma, she is bright and generous with her love. She radiates as naturally as her glorious red curly hair.

I can’t wait to meet baby number three and over the years have adventurous photo sessions with all five.

Pregnant Mum with Dad and two daughters on the beach all smiling looking at each other.Maternity photo of Mum with her two daughters cuddling her. They are standing on the beach with bushes behind them. Mum and Dad are walking towards their daughters, as the daughters play on a large rock on the beach. Magnetic island is in the background.A little girl has a joyful smile as she plays and adventures on the beach.A pregnant mother rests on a rock on the beach, wearing a white shirt and jeans, with her baby bump showing.A daughter has her little hand on her mothers pregnant belly.Dad is walking along the beach holding his little daughters hand.A daughters curly hair blows in the wind on the beach.A little girl is looking up to the camera smiling while she stands in shallow water on the beach.Its getting dark and the daughter jumps off the rock as we prepare to leave the beach after family photos.

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