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        As I walked across the road ready for the family photo shoot, I was warmly met in the carport by young Mabel and her Daddy.

        Mabel immediately made me feel like I was a friend in their family and most welcomed.

        I then met Teddy the Pomeranian, who has to have the highest jump-to-leg ratio I have ever met. Next was sweet baby Quinn, followed by their Mumma, Dimity, who is soft and gentle in her ways.

        The group of us made our way to the nearby park that they visit most days.

        There, I captured them as they just “were”. Completely candid, which is just how I like it.

        The family photo shoot consisted of lots of running, playing and snuggles. There was even time spent dancing to The Wiggles. This most definitely included some incredibly enthusiastic, albeit poor singing of The Wiggles by yours truly!

        This pair of beautiful parents, Philip and Dimity, went about the shoot with a calming presence.

        I am always in awe of such calm, as this was not me when I had two young children about the same age.

        There was not even a complaint from them when I accidentally had them sit on wet ground (thank you)!

        Thank you for your flexibility and extra time, Philip and Dimity, so we could also capture these special family memories! x



        Black and white family photo of husband and wife with two little girls. Portrait of young girl with pink floral dress. Older sister kissing baby sister on cheek. Father kissing daughter on cheek in park.Little girl walking dog in the park. Father holding daughter by hands and swinging around in circles. Young girl holding onto father's leg. Father and daughter giving each other a high-five.

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