Newborn Photos

When I arrived

They warmly greeted me at the door on Saturday morning. The most welcoming two children. All ready for their photos with their newborn baby brother. They were quick to start chatting to me all about their newborn baby brother, Baby P. Immediately, being treated as though I was family member. Every bright and fun part of their personality shone.

Big Brother

It was clear that Master A is a besotted big brother to both his siblings. Master A wasn’t thrown by newborn cries and felt most comfortable with his tiny baby brother in his arms.  Master A gave his baby brother as much personal space as I like to give those I love.  His generous love was as much for his little sister, as they sat and snacked playing with Sullivan Family figurines…in our house we refer to Sullivan Family as “Little Darlings”.

Big and Little Sister

Miss H…well what a bright spring of energy and smiles is this girl. Absolute delight. Had me smiling all morning. Her Mum had told me she loves the way she looks at her big brother. I caught that look that she was talking about several times. Along with wanting to be able to do whatever he does.

Baby Boy

And Baby P…as most third children do (speaking as one myself and having one too) they fit in. Above all,  they become this incredible gift not just to Mum and Dad but to the entire family.

Brilliant Parents

Karl and Eleanor are all over this season of life. They appear so calm as if they have been in training, which I guess is what having two babies before does. Eleanor and I spoke about the advantages of the youngest getting the better parents from having their siblings go before them.  It is a gift to witness the great team work that gets refined when newborns come home…Karl and Eleanor you are doing this so beautifully.


Newborn baby Patrick Little newborn legs and toes Mum looking at her newborn baby Newborn baby lying on the bed with big brother gently touching his head and big sister leaning on the bed watching on

Wobbly tooth and a missing tooth Big brother does a headstand on his bed Big brother is doing a headstand on his bed and little sister does a somersault in front of him.Siblings joyfully play in their bedroom Twirly dress and rainbowsBrother and sister joyfully play together laughing Big brother leans on his Dad's shoulder looking lovingly at his newborn baby brother. Big sister snuggles into her hand and gently touches the cheek of her newborn baby brother Family photo of Mum, Dad, Big brother, Big sister and newborn baby all snuggled on the bed at home.Big sister snuggling her newborn baby brother. Siblings having fun jumping on their parents bedDad tenderly kisses his daughters forehead. Mum is holding the newborn and the sister give a cheeky look as she snuggles her newborn baby brother. The son cuddles into his Dad's shoulder. A family photo at home.


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