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        The Newest of Newborn’s

        This is Baby Harvey just 14 hours young. So so so fresh and newly born. I was there at his birth the night before…just…I got there just 25 minutes before he was born. I didn’t want to interrupt those first few hours of him being close to his parents…so I arrived the next morning to capture his absolute newborn newness. Big but still so little sister was cautiously figuring out how a new baby fits into their life.



        Big sister takes photos while the Mum sits on the couch gazing and smiling at her just born son. Newborn baby swaddled in a grey wrap looking up with lips pursed. Big sister takes a photo of her newborn baby brother New born baby boy sucking on his little hand Newborn baby boy laying in a nappy. Big sister stands near with a camera in her handsTiny newborn feet wrapped in a grey wrapMum in her pyjamas dressing her newborn baby.Close up of newborn baby boy sucking his fist, with pink little cheeks. Fresh 48 hours.Newborn Baby boy waering a nappy crying.Big sister holding carefully her new brothers little leg . Sister has pink nail polish on and a pink watch. Big sister who is still very young stares at her brand new born baby brother examining him.


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