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        I feel like I need to explain myself for anyone who has enquired about me photographing their wedding and I have advised them that I don’t shoot weddings. I promise you that is true and it was nothing personal, this wedding however is and was very personal. The groom was the first one to make me an Aunty. It could be said that I practiced my “Aunty” skills on him (he will tell you I dropped him at 3 years old down an escalator…but the truth is he fell and I was unable to catch him!)and I am grateful that he survived to be the gorgeous man that he is today. It would be safe to say that I documented his life better then anyone else, until he got a mobile phone.
        We have known his glorious Bride, Casey, since she was 17. Casey is so so so loved by her family and ours, she is in my daughters top three of all favorite people. She shines as bright as she did on this day as she does every day. Casey’s heart is full of love, kindness and thoughtfulness. We love her… like REALLY REALLY REALLY love her (the fact we love her is worth repeating…it wasn’t a mistake).
        Their wedding was small, intimate and perfect. It was all planned in under 2 months with heaps of help and support by all who love them. There were tears of joy, lots of laughing, lots of love and some really cool dancing (my husband says I dance like Kath and Kim and I don’t see anything wrong with that!).
        So here is to celebrating how loved these two are by all their family and friends!

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        These photos are so cherished, so so cherished. I’m laying in bed tonight just scrolling through them, remembering some of the small little details in such things like my dress. (Why is there not an event where we can wear our wedding dresses again) I’m remembering walking down the isle again… thinking how incredibly blessed I was to be surrounded by so many people that I love… seeing my future husband right there at the end of that isle…. looking at me with his tearful eyes. There are so many photos that I am truly grateful to have. Katie, you are an amazing photographer. You capture such beautiful moments. These photos are irreplaceable, just like you. xoxo

        Spectacular! Worth waiting for. I’m sure these photos will be very cherished. You are so gifted Katie. Brandon and Casey, I have loved looking at these pictures, over and over. You are so radiant in each one. What a beautiful day and what beautiful memories. Xx

        What do I say? This is more than photos. Kate, you re an artist. And you are ours…how blessed are we?! Thank you for being so generous with your gift and even more generous with your love.

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