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        I find blogging my sessions so hard…to find words that express my emotions and thoughts that do justice to all the incredible people I photograph. I hope my photos express my heart better than any blog I ever write.

        This family photography session has me stumped…where do I start…how can I compress into a blog how much my heart was filled from this day. How blessed I felt to be asked to photograph this family and go with them on their adventure.

        I can put it off no longer…so today I am giving it my best shot.

        When Deidre asked me if I would go to Rollingstone for their family photos I could hardly control my excitement! She explained that they love being outdoors as a family…going on  picnics…walks in the rainforest…swimming…exploring…just “being” with each other. I could hardly wait to book the date for the family photos/adventure.

        The plans changed slightly and  Jourama Falls was decided as the more suitable location. One of the most beautiful rainforests in North Queensland.

        As I arrived at their home, Mio was waiting for me on the front verandah. He welcomed me into their home and we quickly became friends. The car was packed and off we went.

        I had asked  how far we would be walking (after reading in their client questionnaire that they love hiking and have hiked to the top of the falls before). My only concern was my lack of coordination for this adventure, however, I came prepared with my high top cons and backpack.  I have come to realise that I gain “superpowers” when I am photographing families. I can climb boulders, shimmy down steep banks, remember to wipe my feet if they are wet before climbing boulders (my husband says people normally remember to do this), trek through scrub, enter freezing water (whilst holding my camera) and be oblivious to mosquitoes eating me through my tights!

        We did, what they “do” as a family on the weekend and in the process captured the most beautiful of memories. These three are as passionate about life as they are each other.

        I adored every single moment of our drive and adventure in the North Queensland rainforest with this incredible family. When I walk into my home that night I said to my husband “My heart is so full.”

        Such an amazing session! You have captured their love and adventurous souls so beautifully. Incredible work xx

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